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The Bible: A History

Historian and broadcaster Bettany Hughes meets the feisty women figures of the Bible.

Episode 4: The Daughters Of Eve

It's fashionable to dismiss the Bible as a manifesto for misogyny. Undeniably, many of its pages are rank with sexism: the proud Queen, Jezebel, is fed to the dogs, the teenage girl, Salome, is used as sexual bait.

But Hughes argues that the Bible is a window on the Bronze Age, a time when women had more power. She introduces a dazzling cast of female characters: warriors, adulterous wives, mothers and 'good' women: all daughters of Eve who speak volumes about their world, and our own.


Pick of The Day

The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, The Times, The Independent on Sunday, The Scotsman

"It was wonderful what scholarship brought to this series"

The Times Review

"The best of the series"

The Sunday Times

"In The Bible: A History, a fine historian presented a fair and balanced look at some of the bible’s most fascinating characters…Bettany Hughes’ practical approach melded the legends beautifully with the reality. She demonstrated clearly how a little learning of the Bible texts can be a dangerous thing."

Published Letter of the week – Radio Times

"Hughes challenges simplistic interpretations"

The Times

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