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We Are Sparta - Residential lecture course

Cambridge University, Institute of Continuing Education 

Perceptions of Sparta in Antiquity and the Modern World (7 x 90 minute lectures) 2015 – 2018 

From Imagination to Image

Annual National Gallery Lecture - National Portrait Gallery of Australia

November 2018 

Socratic Dialogue in the 21st Century, Cities and Civilisation

Sarajevo School of Philosophy 

November 2018 


Bristol Festival of Ideas, Institute of Ideas, Bristol University 

November 2016 

The Trouble with Troy

Royal Geographical Society Hong Kong

October 2016

Was Socrates Atheist?

Manchester University

March 2016

Bronze Age Gender Politics

The Voltaire Lecture, British Humanist Association 

April 2016 

Greeks and Romans

November 2015 - British School at Ankara – Annual Lecture

Bettany Hughes and Mary Beard in conversation

Royal Geographical Society

October 2015

History Or Story? 

York University

September 2015

Buddha, Confucius and Socrates

European Researcher’s Night  

September 2015


Rape in Antiquity

BBC History MagazineGlyndebourne Event with Fiona Shaw

August 2015

Panel Participant In Sessions
Inspiring Women, Reflect and Represent, Diversity Forum, Women – the Great Disappearing Ac

2010 - present. 

Icons - What Is An Historical Icon?

June 2015 - Althorp Literary Festival and Chalke History Festival 

Ideas That Make Us Human 

May 2015 - The Raymond Williams Lecture Hay Festival 

Democracy – Ancient or Modern?

May 2015 - Democracy Conference - Middlesex University 

The Vote – What is Democracy?

May 2015 - Donmar Warehouse 

Mary Renault

May 2015 - Hay Festival

Socrates and the Visual Culture of Golden Age Athens

May 2015 - British Museum

Dubai – Festival of Literature and Literacy

March 2015 

Mekkah to Medina: New Evidence

March 2015 - Royal Geographical Society

Jaipur Literary Festival and Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

January 2015 

Citizens and the Ideas That Make Us

November 2014 - EU Cultural Centre

Ancient Greek Women – Their Tragedy

Sep 2014 - National Theatre - In conjunction with the National Theatre production of Medea 

Eros - Philosophy and Praxis

June 2014 - The South Bank Centre 

Athens and Socrates; Why We Need to Care

May 2014 - Centre for Hellenic Studies, King’s College, London - 25th Anniversary Lecture 

The Myth Of Muthoi

March 2014 - Keynote – Oxford University Classics Department Public Lecture 

Athens the Stage Set for Socrates and Aristophanes

February 2014 - A G Leventis Annual Lecture, UCL 

Socratic Love

February 2014 - Introduction to Robin Lane Fox - 24th Runcimann Lecture, King’s College London

The Peril of a Passion for the Past

November 2013 - The Athens Dialogues, Kings College London, Onassis Foundation

Divine Women

November 2013 - Cambridge Limmud Conference

What Is Justice?

October 2013 - Howard League For Penal Reform - Plenary Session at Oxford University

BBC 100 Women

October 2013 - Bettany selected as one of BBC’s ‘100 Global Game Changers’ to talk about women and religion and to launch the nationwide, cross-party ‘Inspiring Women’ campaign - BBC /BBC World 

The Reception of the Classical World

June 2013 - Seminar, Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies, University of Oxford

Cambridge University, Institute of Continuing Education

November 2012 - Residential lecture course 'Meet the Spartans’ - Perceptions of Sparta in antiquity and the modern world (7 x 90 minute lectures) 

Dorothy Buchan Lecture

November 2012 - 'She-Spartans' - Leicester University

Islam and the Humanities

26-28 September 2012 -Plenary paper - International Advisory Board of the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes (CHCI) and the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS) - Oxford University 

Re:Think Festival, Manchester

September 2012 - Festival of ideas in conjunction with the BBC’s Religion and Ethics Department. Presented a paper and discussion session ‘Fact and Faith: the role of history in religious broadcasting’ 

Public and Professional History

September 2012 - Seminar/workshop at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge

Mansion House – Classics For All

July 2012 - Delivered a rationale (and associated film) outlining why ALL should have access to the classics.

The Role of the Public Intellectual in Classical Athens and Today - Institute of Advance Study Debate

June 2012 - Institute of Advanced Study - a discussion at the Royal Society, London about the role of philosophy in Ancient Greece. Click here to watch.

'Helen of Troy' Lecture Series

2012 - A Major public lecture series in North America following the sucess of Helen of Troy.

Discussing the Historical Origins of King James Bible

2011 - Chaired a discussion examining the historical origins of the King James Bible - Royal Society. More details here

Recording of Archbishop of Canterbury's speech "What should the Word of God sound like?" available here.

The Past, Present and Future of Classical Reception

April 2011 - Oxford University, APGRD, Seminars in Classical Reception, Classics Faculty. 

Socrates, Athens, Sparta and the Search for the Good Life, 

March 2011 - Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

What Did The Greeks Ever Do For Us?

March 2011 - Institute of Ideas, Battle of Ideas

Helen of Troy and the Women of Sparta

March 2011 - Butler College, Indianapolis

Helen of Troy, Goddess, Princess, Whore

March 2011- University of St. Louis, Missouri

Ta Erotika and the Hellenic Cup

February 2011 - Royal Holloway, Institute of Hellenic Studies, Annual Lecture


Ta Erotika and the Future of Education

September 2010 - Maastricht University, keynote for the opening of the European academic year


Royal Pharmaceutical Society

September 2010 - Annual Conference, Imperial College, London.

Chair of plenary session on the future of the relationship between the broadcast media and research institutions.


Communicating Culture

June 2010 - Keynote address - Festival of Postgraduate Research, University of Leicester 


Cultural Amnesia and Global Understanding

May 2010 - Muslim Heritage in Our World – International Conference at the Science Museum, Media, Education and the Cultural Connection – keynote speech


Akrotiri and the Women of the Bronze Age

2010 - St. Hilda’s College, Oxford University, Public Seminar

JACT Presidential Addresses


2010 - Akrotiri - JACT

Royal Holloway Launch

2009 – Bettany lanuched Royal Holloway's new MA in Public History with an address at Royal Holloway.


Helen of Troy And The Women Of Sparta

2009 – Cardiff Archaeology Festival, Cardiff University


JACT Presidential Addresses

2009 - Classics in the Market - JACT, Icons and Iconoclasm

March 2009 - Bettany chaired a podcast of debate at the Royal Academy in conjunction with the Byzantium exhibition and Bettany's Radio 4 series Byzantium Unearthed, a landmark three part series that explored the meaning of Byzantium to both East and West.


‘...Bettany beautifully chaired our Icons and Iconoclasm panel discussion, deftly handling complex issues and a variety of perspectives, and making the links between ideas, issues, and speakers seamless. Her chairmanship contributed greatly to the evening’s success...’ 

- Dr. Alison Bracker, Events and Lectures Manager, Royal Academy of Arts.


The Classical World Today

November 2008 - Oxford University Classics Outreach Project – keynote for King Edwards’ conference organised for Secondary School and College Students

Terrible, Excruciating, Wrongheaded and Ineffectual – Reworking Antiquity in Mass Culture, 2008 - Keynote at Classics For All conference organized by Reading University.

Paper published by Cambridge Scholars Press within volume ‘Reworking Antiquity in Mass Culture

Helen of Troy: Princess, Goddess, Whore

2008 - Cardiff Archaeological Institute, Magazines, Museums, the Media: Communicating History to a Wider Audience

July 2008 - Anglo-American Conference of Historians at the Institute of Historical Research - Plenary panel session 

Democratizing Danger: Brickbats and Bouquets for Mass-Market Scholarship


July 2008 - Institute of Historical Research paper

Women – The Challenge for Historians Ancient and Modern

November 2006 - University College London, Appropriations of Antiquity, UCL

The Women Who Loved Greece

July 2004 - Leeds International Medieval Institute, Leeds University

We Are The Spartans

May 2004 - Manchester University inset day, Manchester Museum

History and the Mass Media

2003 - Bristol University Archaeology and History Seminars

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