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Exploring India's Treasures with Bettany Hughes

Channel 4 and DCD

Exploring India’s Treasures with Bettany Hughes is a two-part documentary series shown on Channel 4. It explores the diverse cultures, traditions and sites of the world’s most populous country and the fastest growing economy. 

India is home to cultures, traditions and sites as old as the ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians and Chinese dynasties. This spiritual heartland is a hotbed of constant genesis and invention with one foot squarely in the past and another firmly in the future.  

With the guidance of local experts and academics, seasoned adventurer, author and historian, Professor Bettany Hughes, takes viewers through her curated selection of the Treasures of India. From the palaces of Rajasthan to temples of Tamil Nadu, Bettany reveals the epic beauty of the sub-continent. 


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