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Seven Wonders 

Blackwell’s, Oxford in store




Seven Wonders 

Waterstones Piccadilly




Seven Wonders 

Topping & Company Booksellers, Ely




Seven Wonders

Waterstones, Canterbury





Seven Wonders 

Waterstones, Nottingham




Seven Wonders

Waterstones, Birmingham




Seven Wonders

Waterstones, Cardiff





Seven Wonders 

Topping & Company, Bath 




Constantinople, Benaki Museum mini-festival at Kardamyli, Peloponnese

7th - 10th October 2021

The Spirit of Democracy, Costa Navarino (Athens Democracy Forum)

29th September -  3rd October 2021

Corfu Literary Festival 

13th - 19th September 2021

Venus and Aphrodite, The British Museum

26th July 2021

Istanbul/Constantinople, Ramsay Centre, Sydney, Australia

14th September 2021 

Socrates, Ramsay Centre, Sydney, Australia

20th July 2021

Life of Agrippina, The British Museum 

8th July 2021


Artemis, Delos, Greece

24th June 2021

26th October 2019

​28th October 2019

18th November 2019

Hellenic Centre

30th November 2017

Leighton House

28th November 2017

World Monuments Fund Britain

27th November 2017

Churches Conservation Trust, All Saints Street, London

23rd November 2017

Anglo-Turkish Society

21st November 2017

Bridport Festival

11th November 2017

Bournemouth University

10th November 2017

Museum of London

7th November 2017

Cliveden Fesitval

15th October 2017

Cheltenham Literary Festival

11th October 2017

Asia House

5th October 2017

London's Living Room, City Hall

27th September 2017


2nd September 2017

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Edinburgh Book Festival

24th August 2017

Ways With Words, Dartington

7th July 2017

Chalke Valley

1st July 2017

Hay Festival

28th-29th May 2017

Cambridge Classics Association

30th March 2017

Oxford Literary Festival

25th March 2017

Freethinking Festival

18th March 2017

National Archives Kew

15th March 2017

WOW Southbank Centre

12th March 2017

Emirates Festival of Literature

7th March 2017

Jewish Book Week

2nd March 2017

BBC History Festival in Bristol

25th February 2017

Queens University Belfast

23rd February 2017

New College of Humanities

13th February 2017

Dillington House

12th February 2017

British Library

3rd February 2017

British Museum

27th January 2017

Islamic Society of KPMG Istanbul Lecture

December 2016

Hay Festival Dhaka

17-19 November 2016

Gibraltar Festival

10-13 November 2016

BBC Free Thinking Festival

6-8 November 2016

Royal Geographical Society Event

October 2016

Cheltenham Literature Festival

1-11 October 2016

William Waldegrave Wells Festival

14-22 October 2016

A Good Life Festival

18 – 24 September 2016

Edinburgh Book Festival

22-28 August 2016

Manchester Science Conference

July 2016

War Music: An Evening of Epic Poetry

25 April 2016 - Kings Place

21 April 2016 - Conway Hall, London

'Socrates, Confucius, and the Buddha'

Lecture at The American School In England

15 April 2016

East Oxford Classics Centre Lecture

18 January 2016

British School at Ankara Annual Lecture

17 November 2015

Historic Houses Association Keynote Speech

17 November 2015

May 2015 - Middlesex University

March - April 2015 - Versailles

1 September 2014 - Talk at the National Theatre

29 May 2014 - Talk at the KCL Centre for Hellenic Studies Anniversary

The Myth of Muthoi

March 2014 - Oxford University

Socratic Love

February 2014 - introduction to Robin Lane Fox - King's College London

Athens: The Stage Set For Socrates and Aristophanes

February 2014 - A.G. Leventis Annual Lecture, University College London

Socrates and Athens: Why we still need to care about both today

November 2013 - The Athens Dialogues: logos, icon, logo - King's College London

'Helenic' and Hellenic Poetry

October 2013 - Greece is the Word - Southbank Centre

Socrates, Society and the Abuse of Power

September 2013 - Oxford University

Lost In Translation

August 2013 - In conjunction with Edinburgh University

The Trouble with Helen

July 2013 - University College London

Treaty of Utrecht Conference Lecture

June 2013 - Utrecht University

The Trojan Horse

April 2013 - Public event with Simon Armitage - King's Place, London

When Women Ruled the World: History, Myth and Beyond

April 2013 - Turkish Embassy, London

Gifts of the Greeks

March 2013 - The Prince's Teaching Institute - Museum of London

The World that Birthed Socrates and its Relevance Today

February 2013 - in conjunction with the World Monuments Fund, Royal Geographical Society

Dorothy Buchan Lecture

November 2012 - She-Spartans - Leicester University


September 2012 - Wellcome Trust

Public lecture on the motif of flight in the Ancient World with particular reference to Icarus. Part of the Wellcome's 'Superhuman' programme

Re:Think Festival, Manchester

September 2012 - Festival of ideas in conjunction with the BBC’s Religion and Ethics Department. Presented a paper and discussion session ‘Fact and Faith: the role of history in religious broadcasting’ 

St Hilda’s Public Seminar

September 2012 - 'Divine Women'

Mansion House – Classics For All

July 2012 - Delivered a rationale (and associated film) outlining why ALL should have access to the classics.

June 2012 - Institute of Advanced Study - a discussion at the Royal Society, London about the role of philosophy in Ancient Greece.

Hay Festival

June 2012 - The Greek Idea - Hay Festival
Series of five public lectures and discussions on Greek ideas that still impact our lives today: The Greek Idea, Plato: The legacy of the Republic and The Symposium, Divine Women, Sparta vs Athens, After Homer, Heroisation.

Women of the World

March 2012 - Female Influence in the Bronze Age 
WOW Festival - The South Bank Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hall 

Royal Society - European Discovery of Arabic Culture

November 2011 - Muslim Heritage

Bettany was the 'Master of Ceremony'.

August 2011 - Cambridge University/Royal Television Society Convention
‘TV: A Modern Father of History?’ - Lecture to live audience then broadcast on BBC Two


June 2011 - Great Thinkers of the World - Public lecture at the Purcell Rooms' London's South Bank Centre

April 2011 - Bristol University, Festival of Ideas

What Did The Greeks Ever Do For Us?

March 2011 - Institute of Ideas – Battle of Ideas 

January 2011 - Pre-performance discussion with Prof. Michael Trapp, King’s College London 

Akrotiri And The Women Of The Bronze Age

2010 - St. Hilda’s College, Oxford University, Public Seminar

Helen of Troy And The Women Of Sparta

2009 – Cardiff Archaeology Festival, Cardiff University

Royal Holloway Launch

2009 – Bettany lanuched Royal Holloway's new MA in Public History with an address at Royal Holloway.

The Classical World Today

November 2008 - Oxford University Classics Outreach Project – keynote for King Edwards’ conference organised for Secondary School and College Students

The Female of the Species

2007 - St Hilda’s College, Oxford University Gaudy Seminar

We Are The Spartans

May 2004 - Manchester University inset day, Manchester Museum

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