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The Bronze Age Origins of Justice

2013 - Paper presented at the Howard League for Penal Reform Conference at Keble College, Oxford

Divine Women

2012 - free booklet from the Open University in conjunction with the BBC television series.

Athens - Birthing Democracy

2009 - Chapter in ‘The Great Cities of History’ ed. John Julius Norwich, Thames and Hudson. 

Helen of Sparta

2008 - In the proceedings of the XIII International Meeting - ‘The Woman in Ancient Drama’, European Cultural Centre of Delphi

Terrible, Excruciating, Wrongheaded and Ineffectual – Reworking Antiquity in Mass Culture

2008 - Keynote at Classics For All conference organized by Reading University. Paper published by Cambridge Scholars Press within volume ‘Reworking Antiquity in Mass Culture’

Making or Faking History

July 2008 - Institute of Historical Research – Anglo-American Conference, plenary panel session, ‘Communicating History to a Wider Audience’

Perceptions of Infinity

March 2008 (postponed) - Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Arab and Muslim’s History of Science, University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates 

Inspirational Learning

2007 - Keynote for Secondary Review Launch conference of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority 

A History of the World in 100 Objects

Bettany was an expert contributor for BBC Radio 4's hit series and corresponding book, in partnership with the British Museum. Click here for details.


Bettany also writes featured articles (comment, review and analysis) for national papers and specialist publications on a regular basis – topics include current affairs, history, the arts and the family.


The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times, The Evening Standard, The Telegraph, The Sunday Times, The Observer, History Today and BBC History. 

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Istanbul: A Biography

Publication in January 2017: A biography of one of the world's greatest cities - Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul. Commissioned by Weidenfeld and Nicholson publishers, this book will combine current archaeological and historical investigation to chart the stories that populations on the site of modern-day Istanbul have told about the potency of this city from pre-history to the present day.

Mary Renault - The King Must Die, The Bull From The Sea

Bettany provided new introductions to Mary Renault’s novel, re-published by Virago in January 2015

Cities That Shaped The Ancient World

Essays on Troy, Mycenae, Knossos and Athens
Ed. John Julius Norwich - October 2014

Great Cities In History

Ed. John Julius Norwich

Bettany contributed the chapter Athens: Birthplace of Democracy to this compendium of essays exploring the greatest cities in the history of humanity.

The Hemlock Cup - Socrates, Athens and The Search for The Good Life

Published 2010 - This book explores the new archaeological findings in Athens and Greece and tries to redraw the life of Socrates within a vivid 5th century BC context. Widely critically acclaimed in both the UK and the US and a New York Times bestseller. Selected as ‘Book of The Year’ in 6 of the UK national papers and 3 US national publications. Chosen as BBC Radio 4’s Book of The Week. Published by Cape and Vintage in the UK and Knopf and Vintage in the US. Click here for details.


Helen Of Troy - Goddess, Princess, Whore

Goddess, Princess, Whore
Published 2005 - The book traces attitudes to women over 2,800 years as reflected by the figure of Helen. Helen of Troy is the culmination of 15 years research. First editions produced by Cape and Pimlico in the UK and by Knopf and Vintage in the US in 2005/6. Helen has now been translated into ten languages and has sold over 50 000 copies worldwide. It was selected as a ‘Book of the Year’ in 5 of the UK national papers and by USA Today. Click here for details.

Helen of Troy, Goddess, Princess, Whore is the basis of academic modules at the Thomas More Institute, Montreal and Butler College of Humanities, Indianapolis.

Bettany also wrote forewords for the books accompanying the series 'The Seven Ages of Britain' and her LWT series 'Sin City'.

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