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Bettany Hughes' Treasures of the World Season 2

(Channel 4 / BBC World News / DCD)

With unprecedented access to unfolding excavations and some of the best finds of recent years, the second season of Bettany Hughes’ Treasures of the World returns to Channel 4.  

The journey continues, exploring ancient archaeological sites that shed light on the modern human story of civilisation; championing what ordinary people, through time, can achieve through sheer force of will and inspiration. These are neglected stories from unheard voices in extraordinary, often overlooked places.


When Covid struck Bettany and the production team got on the phone to their network of international archaeologists to work out how the Treasures of the World films could showcase new discoveries, and new understandings of the human story. This felt crucially important at a time when populations were feeling isolated and fractured - vital to showcase the joined-up nature of human history, and human society from all points of the compass.


Join award-winning historian Bettany Hughes OBE, as she discovers new archaeological finds and visits surprising places in Arabia, Turkey, Cyprus, Oman, Albania, Jordan and along the Silk Roads of Azerbaijan.


SandStone Global has put together an award-winning team of filmmakers and creatives to produce an epic cinematic journey showcasing the world’s amazing sites and stories. An immersive, joyful, once in a lifetime journey to the heart of the human story. Compelling. Unforgettable. Inspiring.

'The impassioned professor returns with a second season of history escapism, shining a light on neglected stories and unheard voices from the past in extraordinary, often overlooked, places. This is armchair travel at its most vibrant, while Hughes's energy and enthusiasm for history are hard to resist'

Pick of the Week, Radio Times

'Prepare to be dazzled by historical gems as Professor Bettany Hughes returns to explore the world's most-exciting archaeological finds...amazing voyage of discovery'

Pick of the Week, What's on TV

'Intrepid TV historian Bettany Hughes explores temples, villas and burial sites in this new series, she brings places to life with personal stories'

The Daily Mail


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