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Tea With B

Tea With B is an exciting new YouTube Series with Google Arts and Culture with Bettany in conversation with some brilliant minds of today as they question and trace the human story. Bettany uses ancient art and artefacts to trace the everchanging arc of culture, and ponder on some of life's biggest questions such as why do we need storytelling? They discuss how mediums of art and storytelling changing as are the context things are created in, but that the need for culture, and its importance is transient.

Bettany and her guests explore how stories, artwork, history, comedy and recorded figures of the past, offer future generations whom they reach a gesture of hope - an understanding and a questioning of life and humanity and how it expands and contracts across time and space. Such as how 36,000 year old French artwork was the first medium for storytelling, that the Greek Gods were the ancient day comic and marvel superhero's of today, that poems were considered to be the first stories ever created. But also why women came to be so underrepresented in history ? and what was was and is the purpose of comedy- a political tool to satirise the norms of society, or a way of connecting people?


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