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Top Ten Treasures: Egyptian Mummies

Bettany returns with another Top Ten Treasures Countdown, this time peeling away the bandages and unearthing the tales of the lives of 10 embalmed bodies, each with a very different and unique story to tell. From Pharaohs, to criminals, to children to priests, Bettany opens up portal into the incredible stories of people from of all different classes and parts of Ancient Egyptian society, their stories and secrets spanning the width of the planes of the Nile Delta to the depths of the Valley of the Kings. Having remained in bandages untouched for thousands of years, we are fed with never before told stories of gruesome revenge, and journeys beyond life on earth.


At this time of the year there are lots of “top ten” programmes; this is one of the more unusual... remarkable

Radio Times,

'a journey of discovery... fascinating'

Pick of the day, The Times

...don't miss... thrilling'

Inside Soap, Pick of the Day

'intriguing... Bettany is as engaging as ever'

Pick of the Day, The Mail


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