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Eight Days That Made Rome

In each episode Bettany travels across the Roman world, delving into the psyche and uncovering brand new archaeological evidence, while lavish drama brings the incredible story of Rome to life.

The eight days include Rome’s early defeat of her great rival Carthage under Hannibal, at the battle of Zama; a crucial moment and one of the most important battles in ancient history when Rome, an influential city-state becomes an unstoppable Empire. We also explore the day when Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon River and set in motion a series of events which would ultimately culminate in the end of Rome’s republic. The final episode looks at the day Constantine, close to death, was finally baptised as a Christian. It was here he made a final declaration of the spiritual allegiance that had a profound importance not just for the Empire, but for the future of the world.


Pick of the Day/Week

Sunday Times, Times, Telegraph, Mail, Independent

'Lively and learned new series'

The Telegraph

'Absorbing new series...presented by engaging Bettany Hughes'

The Mail

'...dramatic imaginings of battlefield posturing filmed with an expensive panache. Hughes's insights, as she wanders ancient sites, offer an overriding impression of the Roman attitude, for all its feats, being one of terrifying cruelty hour of brutality and bookishness.'

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