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Bettany's JustGiving Birthday

Good morning. The Howard League for Penal Reform is celebrating its 150th birthday - so I am donating my birthday in May to them. History shows us that is hard in life to be good - often easier to be bad. The earliest root of the word justice is 'dek' - it is the same root that gives us 'finger', hence index finger, decimal and eventually iudex, judge. A judge points others in the right direction; sets them on the right path. Let's try to ensure that our penal system does the right thing by justice: Not to encourage just the jabbing fingers of retribution, not fists of iron that encourage fists to flail, but strong hands that help. Justitia stands with her arms outstretched balancing her scales. A just society can only benefit us all. If you would like to support the work of The Howard League, making life better for all of us - please do give a little on this fine, Spring day. With thanks and love.

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