A new series which reveals the history of ten of the most influential ideas in the story of civilisation; ideas which continue to affect us all today. 

A new series on Radio 4 in which Bettany investigates the story of the Roman road that connected east to west and that ran from Italy to Istanbul - the Via Egnatia.


Built as a means of military control this quickly became a vital artery spanning the Ancient, Byzantine, Ottoman and modern worlds. Along the way I meet migrants and human smugglers, the victims of the 1923 population exchange between Greece and Turkey, a Macedonian who tries to persuade me to marry my daughters to her nephew and cutting edge bloggers who are...


A new series currently airing in which Bettany traces the role of the Caucasus in western imagination, from Jason and the Argonauts through to the idea of a primeval white Caucasian race. 








HistoryExtra article - Five Things You Didn't Know About The Caucasus

In this series, public figures from all walks of life talk about the piece of Shakespeare that inspires them most. Bettany's contribution of Twelfth Night (15th May)

Series 2, Episode 3: Bettany joins hosts John Lloyd and Sean Lock to donate Helen of Troy to the world's most eclectic virtual museum.

Available on iTunes, see the BBC website.




Bettany was an expert contributor for BBC Radio 4's hit series & corresponding book, in partnership with the British Museum.


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