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Festival of Love
Bettany speaks about love and eros, reading from her book 'The Hemlock Cup'. Southbank Centre

Vikings Live
Bettany presents Vikings: life and legend live from the British Museum alongside Michael Wood. In cinemas 24/4/14.

Divine Women
A taster from Bettany's widely acclaimed documentary Divine Women. The entire series is currently available to download from iTunes.

Bettany @ 5x15 at Wellcome 

Bettany talks about flight.

A Day At The Ashmolean Museum
Bettany supports Oxford's Ashmolean Museum

Explorer Journals
Socrates, Sappho, the Aryans and Spartan Girls

The Alan Titchmarsh Show - ITV1 (Clip)
Bettany talks about historical values of different holiday destinations.

Muslim Heritage In Our Hospitals
Bettany introduces us to the underappreciated wealth of Muslim Heritage.

Bettany's Work
Bettany on writing and the female form.

Explorer Journals
Bettany on Socrates and The Hemlock Cup

Vikings: Life and Legend
An exhibition at the British Museum. Art Fund UK

Beyond El Dorado: Power and Gold in Ancient Colombia
An exhibition at the British Museum. Art Fund UK.

Actors of Dionysus - Euripides' Medea
Bettany interviewed by David Stuttard on Medea and Athenian Women 

Classics Confidential
Bettany's interview on Socrates with Professor Tim Whitmarsh.

  The Perils of Empire
Bettany speaking on the Roman Empire for the release of SEGA's 'Rome: Total War II'

 Classics for All 2013

Behind the Scenes of Britain's Secret Homes

Ancient World (Clip)
Bettany at the Ashmolean Museum.

Classics For All
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