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Radio 4
2012 - In this series, public figures from all walks of life talk about the piece of Shakespeare that inspires them most. Bettany's contribution of Twelfth Night (15th May) and the whole series is now available free as a BBC podcast and iTunes.

2010 - Historian Bettany Hughes discusses the life of the Greek poet Sappho.

2008 - Historian Bettany Hughes presents a series that uses the latest archaeological evidence to learn more about the empire of Byzantium and the people who ruled it.

Radio 3
2010 - New series.Through the examination of the very latest archaeological evidence we try to piece together the experience of living under Roman occupation in Britain.

2006 - Bettany Hughes investigates how poets over the centuries have described Helen of Troy, showing how conventional views of female beauty have changed.

Regular Appearances
2005 - Immortalised on a million vases and in a hundred plays and poems, Helen of Troy has excited man's imagination for thousands of years. A prehistoric princess with a demi god for a father she is remembered as the "face that launched a thousand ships" for her part in inciting the Trojan War. But who is the real Helen? Was she a harlot or a victim of Aphrodite's meddling - a political pawn or simply an independent woman, exercising her freedom?

BBC World Service
2012 - Listen now

2013 - A new Radio 4 series which reveals the history of ten of the most influential ideas in the story of civilisation; ideas which continue to affect us all today. Listen online 

2011 - Bettany was an expert contributor for BBC Radio 4's hit series & corresponding book, in partnership with the British Museum.

2010 - The History of women and religion.

2008 - 
Three fascinating case studies from the frankish Princess to Lady Brilliana Harley. Women who have had to develop utterly unorthodox familial relations in order to survive.

2010 - In this Sony Award-winning series, historian Bettany Hughes uncovers the troubled story of the search for the ancient Aryans, and journeys to Siberia to find out how recent archaeological discoveries are bringing them renewed attention. Listen on YouTube here.

2004 - A one-off programme that tried to ascertain how far Eleanor of Acquitain contrived to manipulate her own image.


2011 - Series 2, Episode 3: Bettany joins hosts John Lloyd and Sean Lock to donate Helen of Troy to the world's most eclectic virtual museum.
Available on iTunes, see the BBC website.

2009 - Bettany presents the first in a series of three discussions tracing the development of feminist ideas from the 1960s onwards.

2006 - A three-part series which re-evaluates the Italian Renaissance - looking at the atmosphere on the streets as well as in the scholar's study, at the true meaning of the rediscovery of pagan antiquity and the role of women in the cultural process.

The Longview - BBC Radio 4 
Bettany discusses the Nika Riots - click here


2006 - A one off special for Christmas Eve which looks at the surprising connections between prehistoric women, the classical cult of Aphrodite and the worship of the Virgin Mary.

2004 - With a collection of other experts, for three hours from the Coliseum itself we dug further in to the history, myth and symbolism of one of Rome's most potent landmarks.