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  • A Distinguished Friend of Oxford Bettany is to be awarded the Distinguished Friend of Oxford Award in 2014 in recognition of her 'exceptional academic work for the benefit of the University, its colleges and departments'. Bettany was the first in her family to go to University and is proud to continue to campaign to allow access for all to the very best of educations.
    Posted 26 Mar 2014 14:59 by Bettany Hughes
  • Super Women of the Past Bettany's interesting interview with the Indian newspaper DNA on the status of women in prehistory can be read in full here.
    Posted 18 Mar 2014 13:21 by Bettany Hughes
  • Divine Women in India Honoured that 'Divine Women' is launching International Women's Day in India on the BBC. Click here for more.
    Posted 1 Mar 2014 06:16 by Bettany Hughes
  • Vikings Live Bettany presents a new show, live from the British Museum's exhibition Vikings: life and legend. Bettany will be presenting alongside fellow broadcaster Michael Wood. Click here to watch the trailer. Broadcast live in cinemas 24/4/14.
    Posted 1 Mar 2014 04:57 by Bettany Hughes
  • BBC Radio 4: The Ideas that Make Us Bettany's returning series 'The Ideas that Make Us' - investigating ideas central to the human experience, starts again on BBC Radio 4 this week, - listen live or online. Click here.
    Posted 26 Jan 2014 12:13 by Bettany Hughes
  • BBC 4 - Apples, Pears and Paint Here's hoping 2014 is full of beauty - of all kinds. Some fascinating works of art featured in this - enjoy! Click here for the programme's homepage on the BBC.
    Posted 29 Jan 2014 14:13 by Bettany Hughes
  • Total War: Rome II ...More here if you're interested in things Roman! Click here to see Bettany talk about the Roman military and the Teutoberg Forest.
    Posted 20 Dec 2013 10:01 by Bettany Hughes
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Thanks for coming to our site. I hope it proves useful.

Over thirty years ago I sat and watched a programme on British television about Tutankhamen. I still remember the frisson - the realisation that the stories I'd heard; of boy-kings dripping in gold; of hidden burial chambers and court intrigue could, sometimes, be true.

That BBC documentary was inspirational. I've been fortunate enough to spend my adult life following my own research interests - and delight in being able to share the results with a wider public.

If you have any comments on any of our projects please do get in contact.

Photograph by Mark Passmore

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